5 Words We All Want to Hear

Dear Dad –

I’ve been thinking about five words you used to tell me to assuage many a meltdown while growing up. They are comforting, but not optimistic. There is no promise of sunshine and rainbows in them. The power was in how you said them – with a hug and a smile.

“It’s going to be okay.”

I still feel safe hearing these five words from my husband, Jeff, now after a rough day. They mean “I am here with you, just as you are. No matter if it’s bleaker, the sun will rise tomorrow, and together we will be okay. Together we will be able to stand, whatever struggle comes our way.”

In the past several weeks, tears have been rolling down the little faces of preschoolers who are nervous to come to the Bible class I am teaching. I’ve found myself echoing you, Dad, telling them “It’s going to be okay.” This month, the melt downs stopped. I think they are finally starting to feel safe.

Thanks for showing me how, Dad.


Creating an atmosphere of safety is the second Element of Belonging. Whether a business leader, a school teacher, an administrator, a child care provider, or a parent, we all have the responsibility for creating a safe haven on the journey of life for those in our care. Life is too heavy alone. At some point, we all need a place where we know we are safe. We all have the power to create that place starting with five simple words. The question is if we will or not.

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