Event Planning

You are invited to our celebration of YOU.

We all have people in our lives who made us who we are. They cared for us, hoped in us, and shared with us. It’s because of those people in our lives that we created Together: Experience Design & Event Planning. Our favorite thing in the world is celebrating YOU. And few people can do it quite like the Together Family.

Together will help you plan and design your special event be it a celebration (wedding, birthday, anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, reunion, bridal shower, baby shower, parade, fair), an educational event (conference, meeting, graduation, symposium), a promotional event (product or business launch, fashion show, race, networking), a commemoration (memorials, civic days), or a non-profit event (development).

We offer a variety of packages from full-service planning to partial planning and day-of-event coordination.

Our dream for you and your event: To savor the moments with the ones who have shaped your life. Life is double the joy and half the grief when enjoyed together.