Experience Design

Experiences shape our lives.

We all have people in our lives who made us who we are. They cared for us, hoped in us, and shared with us. It’s because of those people in our lives that we created Together: Experience Design & Event Planning. Our favorite thing in the world is celebrating YOU. And few people can do it quite like Together.

Together Experience Design is the practice of designing events, experiences, and environments focused on the individual experience of each person. We believe that experiences are what shape our lives. And every experience is worthy of design. We offer a variety of packages from custom experience design to pre-designed experiences, and experience workshops so you can get in on how to create the magic of making meaningful connections. When we work with businesses, our driving principle is that employees are the first customer. If you take care of your employee, the employee will take care of the customer.

Our dream for you and your experience: To savor the moments with the ones who have shaped your life. Life is double the joy and half the grief when enjoyed together.

  • Custom Designed Meaningful Experience: Come to us with an idea or an inkling of an idea and we will guide you through fully designing and producing the experience of your dreams. Includes event design and production (theme, décor) and experience design and production (event timeline, hosting/emceeing). Contact Us For Details
  • Experience Design Workshop: Research is showing that ROX (return on experience) is becoming the new ROI for businesses, according to Inc. Magazine, PwC, McKinsey, and Walker. This 1-hour workshop, brought to your team onsite, will give you the tools to tune any event or environment you’re in to the 5-part framework of belonging. Starting at $200
  • Packaged Experiences: Celebrating, learning, remembering. This is what we do with the ones we love. Few people in the world can design these moments quite like Together. We are known for that sense of the unforgettable. Take your next event to that unforgettable level by buying your own Together Experience. Includes experience timeline, resource list, action list, role descriptions, and talking points. Available Experiences include but are not limited to: Educational Gatherings, Gala Dinners, Photoshoots, Networking, Dinner Parties, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers.